best friend?

i never believe that things such as best friend . for me , a good friend is doesn’t really real . they’re easy come and easy go .. never think about feels when they’re gone .. they say “were best friend ever !! i love you guys..” but i never find the meaning of the words they said . we spend our time together , we have fun , we played , but sometimes , if i feel sad , we parted ,, looking for they own happiness . where is TOGETHER ? 

you promise to stay together but you’re destroying your own appointment .. in beginning , i believed the promise of our promise , but after you destroy it , i’m very disappointed , and i no longer trust you completely . you leave me when you’re happy and you came up when you just need me ..

do you ever think how my feels ? you forget me when you find new friend , an abandoned me like garbage . if you were me , how you feel ? do you still remember our promises ? that we are one that seems everlasting ? 

i never believe about together , about promises , about best friend . it’s just a bullshit ..a fake !! 


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