letter to you ..

dear you, my beloved ..

how are you feels now ? better ? i hope NOT 🙂
i wanna tell you something, after we broke up ..

first, did I want to leave you ..
I wanted to part with you
I want to be separated from you ..
I want to own it without you
I do not want near you ..

Now you are gone ..
the left ..
who parted with me ..
who have escaped from me ..
possible, happier without me ..

and now,
I’m sorry I feel this way.
I need you.
I can not without you.
I can not let you go ..

forgive me for this long. I’m selfish, I’m thinking about my own feelings. I had too much to ask of you, I do not understand you, I’m a fool, because let you go ..
forgive me for all that I do ..
I hope, you’ll be happier without me ..

I do not want to be a hypocrite.
I’m trying to be realistic,
maybe now I’m no longer with you.
maybe you can easily forget everything, but maybe not with me ..

I just wanted to say thank you.
Thank you because you love me.
because love is.
as patient with me.
because they want to change me.
because it never left me.
crying for me.
because it taught me the meaning of love
because it taught me to survive.
taught me to be happy. because it fills my days being colored,
because it taught me to be stronger.

I just want to say that to you ..
i hope you can go away, and leave me ..
until i can forget you ..

with pain,

your ex .


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