Am I stupid ? Am I wrong ?

yes, i lied my own feelings , but i’m not stupid . i had my own reason .. 

because there’s so many reason to to , the reason why i should do that . 

i loved you . loved you the way you are . but i actually realize that you had ever made me hurt . made my cried . 

you know why, i’m just scare of loosing you .. scare to so far with you , and separated with you .

but, you know, i’ve been here before ..

and i know, i’m being a stupid girl . so stupid girl or maybe an IDIOT girl .

and now, i’m here . here in the same situation ..

but i learned from my past, from my mistake ..

don’t be a stupid girl ..

i’ll try, and learn how to let you go ..

how to away from you .. 

 i knew i never be a good enough for you ..

never be your best ..

but, i just do what the best i can did .


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