the Beginning..

hmmm, idk what should i write here. hahahha. because tooo much story that i want to tell. hmm awkay, start from..

  • i’ve graduated from high school about 8 months ago..*mm,maybe*
  • now 2014. it means i missing 2 years eve. and 2 years not writing on this blog.*what a long time, uh?*
  • i’ve broke up with my last ex.. *praise the Lord*
  • i got a new bf 😀 *Glory Glory God..*
  • i’ve my 19th celebrated birthday on 19’02 *my19:19*
  • i met my new friend! *finally! after a month just contact through social media*

what else? okay. i forgot. ahhahahhahah. this years be a really really new for me. I passed so many new things that might be hard to forget. want to know? okay. started from 2014 new year eve. i’ve through my new year eve with my ex when i was in jhs.. it was the stupidest moment ever. one thing i hate so much is when a children call us ‘cabe-cabean’ is shity shit u know? i haateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that word sooo damn much. *that kids made me do a sins again after chruching because i cursed that kid -__- damn it!* we go to somewhere to celebrated a new year eve with my bestie from JHS. and we went back home at 2am. during the way back home, we’re under the rain. its sooo cold, romantic, and.. stupid. ahahhahaha. that’s my first moment i’ve wont forget. then what? how about i tell when i firts met up with my bf. it was a funny story. just wait in my next blog 😀


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