holla! here i am. ehehehehe. i just want to tell. how lucky i am to have him. i’ve never feel so much love before. never felt this happiness.. he loves me with all his heart.. he will do anything to make me smile. to see me. to make me  feels like i’m the one that he had and he loved.. he always do his best for me. altough sometime he also makes mistake and made me cry but i know that he never want to do that.

I proud to be his gf. i was never ashamed to show the world that i love him 😀 and I thanks God because You bring us together.. hihhihihihihi. I may seem ‘too much’ but its absolutely true what i fell with him..

So I just wanna saya, Thank You for make me ‘the one’ Thank you for filing my day with ur love. thank you for make my day colorfull. and thank you for accepting me as I am. hihihihi. love you so much, Dude :*

Duren Sawit, Sat,march 29th 2014.


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