hey, what will u do, if ur friend ask u, ‘what are u thinking about, until u write all about him on ur blog?‘ or ‘hey, how if u broke up with him? dont u will upset if u read what r u wrote?’ orrr ‘hows important they’re until u write about them?‘ ‘will they dont make u disappointed then?

yapyap, I also had thinking about it. but, u know, have someone in ur life is the part of ur life ah? whether is happy endings or sad endings. not only about ur GF or BF, but also about ur friend. live isn’t about Who-love-you but who-stay-in-ur-life. some people may come and go in ur life. someone u want to stay, then they go. and someone u want to go, but they stay.

u know, sometimes, people who nobody is the person who will ultimately be there for you, not those who say I will be there for you see? i’ve ever in that situation. they who say ‘I’m ur best friend’ was someone WHO NEVER be HERE for me, whenever i need them.

so i think, write about someone on my blog isn’t a mistake true? the’re just some memories that u’ll probably forget later. you agree with me? u cant choose who will stay in ur life and who u want to go in ur life. u might forget that people, but i know that u will remember that memories. yes?

why im so proud, write about my boy here? I cant say he will be my last. but every single things that we do, is our love-life history 😀 ♥♥


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