the ‘Different’ of Love

if you know what i mean. The different that i mean isn’t a gender, social caste, economic, or a different countries. and without exception ‘religions differences’ yap? that am i wrong? I think sometimes love is always bordered with something different, and the difference was very noticeable, yes? or just me that thinking like that? most of us , must have felt like that, isn’t it? How disappointed when ur love have to broke into piece because something ‘different’ that ‘should’ accpetable?

In indonesia *the country that i lived now* was STILL concerned about ‘religion differences’ its so zzzz, u know uh? just like as long as u life in Indonesia, u MUST BE get marriage with someone who have same faith with u. just like article which written in kelascinta[.]com ‘So in fact the relationship was not a matter of religious difference between you and him. But a problem between you and the community (including family).I agree with that statement. dont u? Unfortunatelly, in Indonesia have same religions is more importnat than ‘harmony’.

many people say ‘someone whos ‘different’ sometimes looks better and more perfect when compared with someone who ‘same’ with us. hmm, I don’t fully agree with it. but lets think . when u in a relationship with someone different like that, and u both find a ‘match’ in u both. and u don’t wanna forced ur ‘faith’ to each other for reason ‘i respect ur religion’  buut finally u have to ‘slit up’ bcs, u both doen’t found that ‘point’

Again. like kelascinta[.]com write ‘If all the religions teach the goodnes, why ‘difference religion’ relationship must be opposed? basically everything same, as good right?

but, not at all the people have in relationship in ‘religions difference’ fail. for those who know how to appreciatehonorand maintain will succeed in the end. not a way against the custom’ that already exists. but, come on, now this has been the modern era. Should we stay the same as it used to?

em, okay. for those of you who have not fall’ in the relationship of a ‘different religion’, you must accept the risk. you should know the consequences that you will be able to later.

As usual, interfaith relationships ending have two options: 1. Replace God or 2. Replace boyfriend/girlfriend or replace ur state 😀

it’s ur chooice to be Happy 🙂 keep spread the love 🙂 ♥




Duren sawit,

Thu, Apr 24th 2013


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