please listen that song. hahahha. u know why? because that song was true. that song make us believe, that our dreams will be come true someday. dont be pessimist, guys 🙂 . there’s always a way for those who believe 🙂 I love some lyrics from these song:

I believe in angels, something good in everything I see.. I believe in angels, when I know the time is right for me

so now. i wanna share my biggest dream. hihih. dont u want to know? no? oh okay, i still tell u what my biggest dream since i was a child :p hahah..

true or not, when u were in kindergarten or primary school, when your teacher ask u ‘what u want to be when u grow up then?’ and ur answer was ‘I want to be a doctor’ or ‘I want to be a pilot’ yes? hihihihi. *I think all the children want to be a pilot and doctor, true? xixixi* but not with me. Since i was a lil girl when my teacher ask me what i want to be when i grow up then, my answer was always ‘i want to be a cabin crew *flight attendant, i mean*’

not because be a FA is have a big salary. *oh come on, i just a little girl, i dont know anything about salary, money or whatever it is* hahahah. the one thing that i know, be a FA was an amazing job. true? you can go wherever u want to go. breakfast in Singapore, lunch in Bangkok, dinner in China, and sleeping in Indonesia. yep?

my family *from my dad* was work for airplanes. my grandpa as co-pilot in one of famous airpline in Indonesia. my father as a flight schedule, and my aunty as a flight attendant*at her era* thats why i want to be a FA. not because of it, but also when i was a baby, my parents had taken me around Indonesia by plane. I was familiar with the plane. on a plane is not that special anymore for me. not mean to boast, but i love it. take around the world, see how beautiful a city or a state of height.hihih

how beautiful they were :)
how beautiful they were 🙂
uuuu :)
uuuu 🙂
i want to be one of them, someday :)
i want to be one of them, someday 🙂
aaahhh, Qatar :')
aaahhh, Qatar :’)

i want to reach my dream. i want to make my dream come true. this year, i want to apply to be a FA. so wish me luck, and make ur dream come true. u’ve changes ur dream into reality. not only on ur sleep :p hihihi.

with love♥
Duren Sawit, Fri, Aprl 25th 14


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