Flight Attendant.

this is what i want to be since i was a girl. hihihihihi. saw how beauty they were. how happy to be them. if u ever tasted sitted in an aircraft, u must be served by an beautiful stewardess. Patiently they always smile to any passengers who will be traveling by plane, from the first entrance to the exit plane. Maybe some people think this is an easy job, in fact do not. To become a flight attendant, a number of requirements that are difficult to be fulfilled..

u think, that be a FA was easy and very fun. U can Go eveywhere. u can go to somewhere that u never visit. know about other culture from ur country. and so many things that i might cant tell u what. but, be a FA is so so hard. so, check this out..

ups and downs of becoming a Flight Attendant (Cabin Crew)

You never know: They distribute food for you , after that he ate for himself ..

you never know: When hot air conditioned because they also overheat error is not just you .. So stop grumbling at their

You never know: Today they are already undergoing flight 6x the delay with passengers grumbling and still have a smile .. their smile is their weapon

You never know: Various of passengers who ride on the plane .. From the official shoe cobbler, officials, the president, the important

You never know : How many times they were tempted passengers in a day .. From young children to the elderly , avoiding the delicate heart’s desire even want to throw a shoe to his face ..

You also do not know : They can cope with heart disease , asthma etc. .. operate emergency birthing equipment .. Coping terrorist bomb etc. .. Taming d plane because they only can you count on the extra training is given to them

You also do not know : They pray that everything goes well during the flight , the They also get home safely Sometimes you see them smile from take- off to landing ,

And you do not know : Deep down , they cry Thinking miss family and aging mother’s father . Sometimes you see them with branded goods , Though they shop for trying to forget all feeling nostalgic for the return home because of blocked tasks .. Sometimes you see them walk in the door hastily terminal .

You do not know : They want the next fleeting , immediately tomorrow , and the next day , make a day closer to their annual leave .. It’s tiring , boring away from family … Sometimes you see them sitting in the jump seat , when completed service , they are not well closed their eyes ..

You do not know : They are very sleepy , until they can sleep without having to close my eyes .. They undergo early morning flight was not even cock crowed .. Or the midnight flight.

You never know: Sometimes you protest because there is no option for your lunch

You never know : They also want to fulfill your wishes , but they were not able to do anything about it .>Because there not all here .. It’s not the best five-star hotel .. They are front liners who got nagging you .. Sometimes you ask them to bring your belonging to luggage on the seat .

You do not know: they are not allowed to do so .. In addition they are a girl .. What if all the passengers asked the same thing? Sorry .. They stewardess instead of porters.

And you never know : They hope that is in a position like you : Traveling with the family , Sitting next to people who loved, sat next to beloved For departing flights, get on a plane to go home when Lebaran , Christmas and so on , because they are not as fortunate as you .

You never know: when they look out of the plane, they want to know what is happening out there, because 70% of their time, spent in the iron bird.

is not about beauty, smart, good-looking or so. but about sincerity and profersionalism.

and i hope, i can be one of them. be a FA. make my family proud of me. Reach ur dream, and make it into reality 🙂


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      1. ah, sure sure, i’ll follow back and visit ur blog 🙂 have a same hobby, yeah? glad to know you anyway 🙂


      2. anyway, i’ve visited your blog. and I like some of review that u write. I’m sorry i haven’t had time to comment or give like on ur post. but i promise, i will. A.S.A.P 😀


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