Agree or not. but in my opinion, everythings is seems so easy in movie, right? just like, you can be anything u want. u can get everything  u want. and u’ll get the love that happy endings. *yayay, to be honest, i want it too* example, do you ever watch heroes movie? like Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Hulk, or something like them? of course u have. but, before u watch them, have u efer tought that you can fly like superman? or can climb the empire state building like spider-Man, or can be invicible human like hulk? I’m sure that u dont even think about it before u watch the movie , right?

so, what will you do, if you have a super-power like them? can u make sure, that u will not use that power for your-own-happiness? hihihi. yap, I also had think, if we have the super-power, we can do anything that we like, including revenge *oh, come on! i know that you agree with me, or at least u smile when you read this statement hiihihi :p :D* but not at all.

if you an ‘film observer’ or really like watching for new movie, u must realize that the impact of that film had enough influence in our life. Not only a cinema movie, but also reallity show is had influenced too. sometimes, in some films that are intended child, there is a scene that they should not see, because it becomes a fairly taboo’ to them * I’m not really sure but in Indonesia, it is indeed the case *

but sometimes, I enjoy the movie that i think doesn’t make sense.which makes me think to understand story of the movie, and the end, i didin’t enjoy the movies 😥 hahahahhaha *stop laughing at me!* but true, sometimes they make a very complicated story to guess how the story ends. but they often make a that ‘endings’ of that movie is visible in middle of the movie. hahahahah.




*things i write here has been felt dissconnected. Because i suddenly forgot what i want to write, but it was already writen, so i continue writing this, even tough ‘little’ disconnected 😀 :p I’m sorry 😦 :)*



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