Happy Fasting :)


happy fasting for all Moslem peoples in the world :)Today is the first day of fasting in my country (in Indonesia) πŸ™‚ how about your country, is fasting too now?

Fasting is

ramadhan high way code :)

many unique things usually done by the Indonesian people during fasting, such as:

awaken people for sahur (have a meal)

sahurr… sahuuurrr!!

usually, the children gathered banging gallon, or biscuit tins around the village or complex while shouting ‘sahurr .. sahurr’

The most popular menus for breaking fast

banana soup or kolak pisang πŸ™‚

kolak pisang or banana soup, is the most popular menus for breaking fast. banana soup is cooked banana with a coconut milk and brown sugar. usually, added with sweet potatoes, or fruit of palm sugar or called kolang-kaling in Indonesia.


Lontong with peanut sauce, and usually added with some traditional fried, such as bakwan or fried tempeh πŸ™‚

ice tea, ice sweet tea

this is the favorite drinks for breaking fast, ice tea, or some people like hot sweet tea for breaking fast. it’s look so fresh huh? hahahha πŸ™‚


ngabuburit is spend time for waiting for breaking fast. like take a walk, search for meal for breaking fast, go out with friends, or sleeping maybe πŸ˜€

Breaking the fast Together (gathering)

yeah, in Indonesia they who celebrated fasting is loved to do this. break the fasting together with friends, collage partner, or family, reunion, have some fun, take pictures, it’s better than u break the fast by your self, uh?

Beat the Drum, or Bedug

beat the bedug πŸ˜€

usually after tarawih prayer, or more lively at the day before Eid Mubbarak, or called takbiran in Indonesia. usually they hit the drum in the mosque, all night until the next morning is when Eid.

Sahur on the Road

usually the organization who do this Sahur On the Road, campus activity, school, or sometimes from chruch too πŸ™‚ that activity is sahur together with the people on street, or with people who unable to buy or make it by them self.

this is my country unique activity during the fasting. so how was yours?

happy fasting :D

once again, happy fasting everyone. I hope you are all full during the fasting month and blessed by Allah SWT πŸ™‚


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