Happy New Year, Universe..

happy new year universeee!!
happy new year universeee!!

HOLLLAAAAA!! first of all, i wanna say HAPPY NEW YEAR UNIVERSEEE!! yeah, i know i’m little to late. but its better late then never, true? ahahaha. want to share about how i celebrated my new year eve this year..
hmm. i just celebrated this new year with my sista, my Dad, my boyfrie, and one of my bestie, call him Agust 🙂 we’re just celebrated a simple party, *yeah, because we’re already disappointed with someone,or some people, LoL* they’re just came at 8:30p, they’re came from Tangerang, and my home in East Jakarta. ahahhaha. its rainy new year, like last year.. seriously, we’re really dong nothing during waiting till 12p. we’re talking about nothing, jokes, eating, gaming, watch some movie. then i cooked some meal for them

what should i called this food?

i made this, what? emm, grilled chicken with bbq sauce and mashed potatoes with sausage 😀

the meal

and finally, 12 o’clock, then we make a wish together. hope the best for this year, and hope that all of our wish will come true on this year.. yeah.. i just hope that i can reach my dreams, my relationship will long lasting, and also my friendship with them :*({}) then, we take our meal, then i forgot what we’ve done after that… hahahahaha, oh yeah, we’re watch a movie until early morning, sleeping for an hours, then woke up with messed up faces 😀 then i made a breakfast for us.. one stupid things that we did wasss, take a selfie yet we not showered. yeahh.. i want took the first selfie on this year 😀

just enjoy the pict..
look, only agust who look nice -,-

second selfie!

ducking faces

hai iyuh! ahahah


first selfie on 2015

Happy new year all from we, trio idiots :p
have a good year! hope that this year will be great, more awesome, more happiness, more joyful, less problem, less tears, less disappointment, always healthy, hope that our dreams will come true A.S.A.P 😀 God Bless You All :* O:)

this is our NYE, how was yours?


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