Missing Plane..

Long time no write here, I’m back with bad news came from aviation, some bad news from Malaysia’s airways, Air Asia was missing from Sunday, 28th Dec 2014. Malaysian Airline are declining. previously, Malaysia Airline MH 370 take off from Malaysia to Beijing, which was followed the other Malaysia Airways MH17, take off from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur which was shot in eastern Ukraine and now, Air Asia, was missing on Kalimantan.

Air Asia QZ 8501, from SBY to SIN. flight from Indonesia, to Singapore. take off from Juanda ITL Airport at 05.35am WIB (UTC+7) and should landing on Changi ITL Airport at 08.30 WSS (UTC +8) last contact was at 06.17 LT . before they’re lost contact, Pilot ask to Air Traffic Control to changed the route and asking to get the higher level from 32000 feet to 38000 feet, but the ATC was ignored it, cause there was another plane in 38000 feet.

in the plane there were 155 passenger (128 adults, 16 childs, and one baby) with the nationality , Indonesia 149, 1 Malaysia, 1 Singapore, 3 South Korea, and 1 UK. and crews broarded 7 ( 2 pilots and 5 cabin crews)

the first body were found on December 30, 2014 but cant be identified. total all of body found until today 30 bodies and 4 of them have been identified.

lets pray for them. very deep condolence for all passengers on these flight, hope they’ll get the best places beside God. I bet that they’re had the best new year eve than we 🙂 hope the best for them, and for the family, hope that they’re strong enough to let them go..

hope the best for you all..

Condolences for Air Asia 2014_QZ8501

safe them, bring them the best places beside You God :)



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