Dream High

when i was a kid, my dad always told me to have a dream. He also say, you could hung up your dream as high as stars in the sky but you have to do something to reach your stars and the dreams within.

my dream wasn’t ever change since im in elementary school *if you ever read my blog or following my blog, tou should know* I want to travel around the world. I do love travel. I do love reading novels or articles about traveling or backpacking. yeah, since my friend gave me a book to read, ‘Travel Around Europe just with Rp 3 million’ Holy Mother! i really really wanna try! but my parents forbid me. yeah, because they think that i still be (or always be) their ‘lil daughter. After that, i’ve been read about 10 novels about travel. i’ve read about Manhattan, London, Barcelona, Madrid, France, Greece, etc.

thats why, i choose i want to be a Flight Attendant. Altought I know that being a FA is soooooooo many risk :’) but you know? every jobs, always had their own risk, rite?

You know what guys, the other dreams of mine which never change? i want to buy a car and home with my own money which i get from my job ๐Ÿ™‚ and, i want to go travel around the world with my family and my boyfriend. sounds good, right? ๐Ÿ˜€

I alraedy hung up my dream as high as stars in the sky. and i, try to reach back my dreams. honesty, i did ever give up because i thought that its too far, or too hard to get it back. my boyfrie tell me that it just a ‘process’ he told me ‘if you want to be a successful person, you’ve been trough the ‘process’ don’t care its too hard or too easy‘ and my friend is also say ‘ no attempt was futile. there is always the result of an effort. because the results will never betray a process’  we’ll never know if we never try. dont be afraid to reach your dream. no matter how far, how hard, or high your dream was, if you had an intention, there’s always a opened ways..

i see, many people cant reach their dreams. why? cause it wasnt their passion. a dreams, is the purpose of your life and it means, your passion, see? they think that, they’re hung up the dreams too far, so they’re give up. logic, a human can reach the moon by rocket. how can we couldn’t reach our own dreams which made by ourself? we could, with faith and an effort ๐Ÿ™‚


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