Book Review: Love Command: Second Chance

sequel of Love Command: the First Fall

already finished about 4 days ago. just, i dont have any time to review this book. but already done! 😉 just enjoy ur time to read this :);)

from the begin, Shilla knows that her relationship with Ryo, won’t be easy. contention for the sake of ongoing contention. but that’s not the problem. Shilla realized that his status with Ryo a very noticeable difference and would be a problem. in other side, there’s someone who stay in her heart, Arya–Ryo’s brother– back from Paris, and makes her feeling back to him. But in the middle of vacillation, Shilla still have to face another surprise. Reveal a big secret that older than herself. Flashback that tells the story of her mom, Ayi, and Luzardi’s family. The fact that will soon overturns her life. Also her heart..

a Sequel book from Love Command: the First Fall, that has been review on last post. story about Shilla and her boyfrie Ryo and his brother Arya. Shilla who tried to cover up his relationship with Ryo finally known. Bianca first know, don’t stay silent. She devised a plan to makes Shilla shame, and Ryo left him. who would have thought, Ryo make a back plan for revenge on Bianca?

until someday, Arya back home from Paris. it’s very surprising Ryo and Shilla. who made her feelings mess. feeling that had gone back again along with the return of Arya from Paris. finally, the relationship between Shilla and Ryo stretchable.Shilla decided not to meet with the two brothers.

unexpexted moment, when Bianca approached Shilla and said some things that make Shilla stunned. she is happy, finally bianca can be kind to her, though a bit arrogant. didn’t stop there, finally Shilla met with Romi. and Céleste confided that she was buried so far. about her mother, Romi and Romi’s husband. and Shilla also finally know who it’s Ayi. while being indecisive, Shilla meet  Arya. and he lays out a theory of tea. of the theory was eventually helped Shilla choose and do what it should. And you know what? Shilla turns is heir to 1/4 of Luzradi Groups. and violla, instantly Ashilla be rich. until when Ryo get a letter and chocolate ..

I don’t like how the ending goes. it makes me very curious. but i expect that sender of Ryo’s latter is from Mai, a girl from his past. yeah like, Shilla knows who is Ayi, and Ryo *may be* finally met Mai again. but overall, i prefer a book one than this. storyline that makes dizziness. because the plot forward and backward. then there are some parts I less understand. but the part I liked most is the current section describes the Arya’s Tea theory.

I cant wait for the 3rd book. i want to know how the ending going. ahahahaha. based on the writer say, that she want to make the 3rd book, or last book. before, she’s has been write this story as a fanfic. but, shes choose to write a book and sell it. yeah. just wait! and see on my next review 🙂 have a good day!

rate: 7.5/10


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