Happy birthday jiejie!

25 years ago, was born a beautifull girl. named Siska Anneke Putri Harris. she’s a cute she’s a whiny child. he slowly grew into a beautiful girl, *although whiny* today is her 25th birthday 🙂 yeahh, she’s my eldersister. she’s pretty, kind, humble, sometime, she’s annoyed me. but i do love her so so so much. i’ll do everything to see her smile. hehehe.

today, at 12, me and 3 of my sister friends made a surprise party. we has been made this surprise just for D-2 her birthday. hahahahaha. yeah, just a ‘lil party. but it was success! hahahaha. she seems happy and, surprised 😀

soo, happy birthday Jiejie! have a very wonderful birthday today and the day after tomorrow! hihi. hope that u’ll always happy, good in healthy, endless fortune. happiness, miracle may always follow you ya ce! wish all your dreams will come true soon. ah ya, wish you’ll meet ur soulmate, A.S.A.P! be a good daughter, a good sister, a good friend, and a good future wifey! hahahaha.

strowberry's Cheescake! jiejie birthday cake! haha
from left to right, mom-jiejie-me
jiejie and her best friend, Tammy 🙂
from left to right: Edu-jiejie,Hendy, Tammy

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