Jakarta, February 19th 2016

Today is my birthday,my first page of 366 days. i used to be happy because this is my special day.. Must be my special day because im turning 21st years old, some people say that this is the start of maturyty, welcome on legal age which you can drunk, watch blue film, or getting marriage .

I should be happy, cause almost all my friend say happy birthday to me, say their wish for me, pray for me and wish all the best for me. all i say just thankyou for filling my birthday. thankyou for the wishes. I hope all the good things would be turn to you all:) Jesus Loves you all ๐Ÿ™‚

Honesty, my birthday almost never celebrated. I just celebrated my birthday when i was in kindergarten. last time i got surprise was last year, from my boyfriend and my good friends. last time i got birthday present was when im in 3rd class on SHS.

If someone asks me what do i want on my birthday, i would say, i just want to celebrate, i want some present, i want a midnight surprise or something. i wanna be special on my big day, which is never happened in my whole life. is it sad? yea, a little. i wanna be someone i love on my big day..

I dont know why im feels so disappointed in my birthday this time. like i’m missing something i dont know what, why or who. Crying because you sad on your birthday isn’t a good thing, is it? but i just wanna cry all the day to feels better..

But above all, I wanna say thankyou for my Lord Jesus Christ, because of His blessing, i could still alove, breathing, eating, praying ant say thanks for everything i have now. My wish just, i hope this year i could be a part of Garuda Indonesia Airlines as a Flight Attendant ๐Ÿ™‚ *ameeen!!!!!* besides, i wish i could always good in helathy, more prosper, have a tons of lucky, long life and have a chance to make my parents proud of me, of course.

And for all my friends and family who sent me alots of wishes and prayer, thankyou so much, all i can say is AMEN ๐Ÿ™‚



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