What do you think?

when I was in the shower this afternoon, I suddenly got an idea to make a short story. i wanna make a story about my dream, being a flight attendant. i know how the story will be, but i dont know how to make it as a good story.

I really in love to read a good book, with a good author. when I read those books, I always thing, I wanna belike one of them soon.

I tried to writing since I was in junior high school. but, yeah, I can start it, but I cant finish it. like now, I have an idea, but I dont know how to make it a story. i know how to start it, but it always stop in the middle. blank! i know theending, but i dont knowhow to fill the middle -____- and honesty, thats really really bother me.

can anyone please help me, how to be a good author? how to be a good amateur writers?


Published by: Eleonora

Indonesian. love to eat but never get fat. love books a lot cause im a bibliophilia . soon i'll be a member of skyteam, cause im your flight attendant :) i love to sit on the rooftop, see the sky, stars and love to see the rain too.

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