well, i wanna share something about my sucks life . 

last year, i was looking for job vacancy, cause at home and doing nothing is bored . then i looking for a job near my home homesty i dont know much about Jakarta, so i dont looking far from my home . Until i opened my chruch website, and there’s a job opportunity at a mall near my house, then i sent cv etc via email, i got a repply 2 days ago and made a schedule for interview in the end of the month . 

*skip skip skip* 

i start worked on 13 June 2016, 3 days after ied mubbarak . my partner was a girl, younger than me who i think she isn’t nice to me, her name is novitta bua i usually call her Opi . she’s 2 years younger than me . and she lived near me and near my “ex-boss” home .

then after working together, i know that she was insane, she was fool and crazy at the same time . as crazy as me . and finaly we’re best friend . spending much time together, know each others, make friends with another tenant until ……… 

after 3 months almost 4 work there without contract and targets,   finaly my “ex boss” made a contract with a target. she gave me some information about my “to-do list” and when i read that contract, its surprised me a lot . and we only have 1 day to decide stay or leave . we ask our “close friend” we dont tell anyone that we choose to leave. 

to be honest, i really enjoy work there, have a good friends, work near from home, have own “security” hahahaha i never have problem during i work there, but yeah, i choose to out than stay . 

well, i want you all to meet my friends, family, partner-in-crime, and my everything! 

i dont took pict with a few people, they’re always deny if i ask them to take a pict with me . 

even if im not working there anymore, i still ofter going there with opi, to met them. im glad to have them as myfriend. they made my 3 almost 4 month colorful, cheerful, less tears and awesome . 


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