Foodview : Richeese Factory – Fire Chicken Level 4 & 5

today, me and my cousin went to Richeese Factory at Bekasi . 

we both really curious with food they’re selling . they selling friend chicken with different section . the most famous was fried chicken with spicy level. start from level 0 (just fried chicken without spicy spice) until level 5 (xtra hot) . and menus is varian, chicken fire , double chicken fire, fire wings ect . 

many people make “Richeese challenge level 5″ and thats why we both very curious about that chicken and decide to buy them! 

so, i choose fire chicken level 4, and my cousin double fire chicken level 5 

so this the pict 

hot hot hot!!
this is amazing 😂

and the story begin : 

after we got our dishes, we just look at it and ask our self like”are you sure to ate all this? smell so spicy” and at the first bite i feel like “SHIT SHIT SHIT!! this is so spicy! i cant handle this” 

but finaly, we ate em all 😁

this is so spicy for godness sake! so spicy and make my stomach and my lips feels so hot . 

but above all the chiken was good and delicioso . the spiciness only in their course, not up to the meat.
Although the crispy skin was coated with spicy sauce, but it was still crispy and tasty. the meat so taaty and juicy . i love them the most . 

even the spiciness is make me stomachache, i’ll try level 5 soon . so, here bonus videos after we ate them all . and thank you for read my annoying review, have a nice day! 

after all 8/10


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