Things That Make Me Crazy : part one

I already jobless for 4 months if i not wrong . and this is really drive me crazy . just at home, doing nothing. eat, running, sleep, hang out with my friend -repeat all day . and it make me boring .

if you ask me “why dont you looking for a new job?” i do. i swear i do . apply my cv ect to all the companies i know . but yeah, still no result . last company i sent was transmart, applied as a receptionist . 

3 weeks ago, i got a call from transmart for psychotest at 8am tomorrow morning . and one thing you should know that, transmart is far far away from my home . i dont know how to get there, until i tell my sister that i have to psycotest tomorrow morning at Lebak Bulus, and she said that she’ll go with me. went at 6.15a, and it sooo far and traffic jam anywhere . just arrived at transmart around 08.40am . i think ill be late , in fact psychotest start 5 minutes after me arrived . Haleluyah! 

psycho started at 10.00am. By that time there were 11 other people with me, but they’re applied different section with me. 

for me who didn’t ready at all for psychotest, it was so difficult. i really bad in math, and almost the question about math . wanna die young! and fyi, that day, i didnt ate for breakfast, either milk or bread or even rice. im very hungry, it made me less concetrated with the question . 

when i did my last part, some other girl call my name, and told me that my interview schedule at 2pm after lunch . i said ok . psychotest finished at 12pm . im very very hungry! then i went to mall and waiting for my sister come . then i tell my sister friends whos working there that i already finished my psycotest and im going to die . then she bought me ketoprak for lunch while waiting for my sister back . 

after lunch, im waiting for almost 4 hours for interview with user. all my friends who psychotest with me already back home, and i still waited for interview . im so bored, hungry, bad mood, all negative things around me . and finaly i met the interviewer at 4pm. after waiting for 4 hours, i didn’t get the result that i could join them or not . 

and yeah, after 3 weeks i still haven’t a good news from transmart. pessimistict will be accepted. 


but i still hope the best 🀞🏻🀞🏻


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