2 days ago, me and my sister went to my aunty’s house to help her prepare for gathering with her neighbour . gathering started at 4.00pm and finished around 6.00pm . and after it finished, we clean the room, then we have a talk in living room . A few minutes after, my cousins left us for buy something so i’ve to wait . 

we’re still in living room. me, my sister, Ariv , my sister in law and aunty . then, i heard a Happy Birthday song. and taa daa, my cousins back with birthday cake and “22” candles . 

i think that this surprise was for arif, because beside us, the nearest birthday was him (the day after surprise and yesterday from now) so i join them sang a happy birthday for him . you know what, that surprised was for me too . 

so, before blowing the candle i make i wish before . just one wish . and i hope it could come true . amin . 

here the video, but it using bahasa i still hope that you enjoy the video : 

Fyi, my birthday actually on this sunday, but i got surprised a week before 😂😂 so i wanna say thank you for my aunty, all my causins, my sister and my sister in law . im happy for the surprise , i love the cake either . can i have my present? 😝😝


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