Thing That Make Me Crazy : daily talk ‘Car’ 

got sick talked about car in my home . omfg , my head going to blown everytime my family member start conversation about car . i know that i should happy, i am , really i am, i do . but if everytime you talk about it, i bet it’ll change your mood instanly . 

my dad got a car by my uncle. i think that i was an operational car because my dad has just moved workplace . but about a week ago, i met my uncle and he said that that car was not an operational car, that was a private car . at first, my father deny the car, because he think he’s to old to driving a car (he’s 64 Yo and still working!!) and he didnt have a license . actually he has, but it already expired a long time ago . he’s prefers to pay someone for drop off and pick him up everyday than he should drive. but honesty, he really want a new motorcycle than a car . 

my dad is really really “well prepared” people . before he’s agree to took these car , he’s already think about all . about the gasoline, sparepart, a tax a traffic jam and anything else which i dunno what was that . he knew that if we got the car, me and my sister would ask him to going to vacation, culinary tour , going to grandma’s , or something that can add month expenses 😂 but come on! you have a car bro! r u sure u just park it in your garage? better to use it for something could make you happy right ? after working all weekdays, late home, deadline, traffic jam, you need to vacation, going to somewhere , back to nature, eat some food you really like . refreshing even just a day .

my dad ask me and my sister to look for a driving school . my uncle was told my dad that he’s not allowed for searching a driver . he prefer money for pay a driver is for me to driving school until i get my license than he should pay someone every month . so im searching for a driving school around my home . but its hard to find . then my sister’s ex tell her that there one driving school around my home . and yesterday we went there . ask for price and terms and condition if i wanna join there . and it so expensive 😂 it cost around US$41.17(IDR550.000) / person (exclude the license, if it included, you have to add IDR 700.000 or US$ 52.40 so you have to pay around US$93.60 or IDR1.250.000/person) and it only take 6 days and one hour per day . sound crazy right? 

he say that i dont have to go to driving school. money for driving school he used to make a license for himself . and he said that maybe he’ll teach me by him self . 

im so sick about all these 😂😂


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