Things That Make Me Crazy : Missing 

I really miss working again here. I miss a lot of things here. I miss having to get up early to go to work. I miss open and close shop. I miss the feeling of pounding through the loading dock every time it comes to the mall. I miss having to janitor every morning. I miss having lunch with friends at the store. i miss the co-worker there . miss to look around for lunch . i miss our ‘tea time’ and i miss to ruined my friend diet . hahahaha . 

i’ve through many things happened there . the ups and downs . happy, sad, angry, missing, disappointed, shame, all the feelings ! work here, make me had a lots of friends . start from a tenant, cleaning service, gondola man, security even engineering and valet man hahahahaha. from the youngest until the oldest . i love all of them . they’re really lovely. help me much . and i know they will always be ‘here’ everytime i need em . in a middle of work, i always make a time to talk with them . and sometime when coffe break time, they came to my store just to have a lunch together and hart to heart story . 

when im on my day dreaming, i suddenly remember something that make me missing again . like when i looking for a lunch, the gondola man call my name from the lobby plafone . and just wave their hand just to say hello and happy lunchy . hahaha . and i remembered, every single day i went to work, ive to walk through to loading dock , and it always ‘windy’ and of course make my hair ‘messy’ so i’ve to ‘hair do’ when i arrived on my store . and after hair do, we always took a selfie and have a random convo .  after all ready, we went to market to buy some breakfast, like milk and bread . or mineral water for lunch . 

and anyway, i always miss the moment everytime i got bored, stressed out, bad mood or something, i always went to park lot level 5, have a talk with whoever there. and if i think that im ready, i went back to my store . listen the same song every single day until i remeber all the song list . and got freezing everyday . looking for signal just to whatsapp or short messages . acommpanied my friend smoking at parking lot to warm our body . make friends with another tenant . everything 😔

maybe, i always have a reason to ‘back’ again there . even im no longer work there anymore, i always had a reason to back again there . meet people i know . or just ask ‘how r u?’ doing nothing on parking lot . met my friends . have fun . on the first week after we quit the job, almost everyday we went there just have a random convo from middle of day until closing time . like we’re not ready to quit the job now . hahahaha . 

if i had a chache to ‘repeat’ all this ove again once more, i’d love to do that again . be there again . with them again . have a luch and dinner togerher . out teatime . our heart to heart sesion, EVERYTHING!! i always love when afternoon comes up . i dont know why, but i always love the afternoon at the mall . i still going there sometime, meet my friends and whoever . but it little difference now . lots of my friend had resign and looking forsomething better . so yeah, i dont feel the sampe but it helps me to fade my missing . 

and this song, dedicated for who still at bassura city who know me so well . for all my friend i loved . i miss you guys ! enjoy kangen, from dewa 19 . 


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