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Love, Life, Laugh : Sister From Another Mother

if yesterday i wrote a sad-bad-sucks story, now i wanna share a love and life story .

lemme introduce you to the most amazing-loyal-rude-lovely-sister-from-another-mother KATARINA TAMMY PANGESTU ! actually, she is my sister best friend since they’re enter the same campus . became a best friends since 2008 until now (2017) thats why i say that she’s my sister from another mother . she’s more like my biologic sister than my real sister . Me and Tammy is very moody person. we loved coffee . we loved sweet food . typical ‘you touch it you’ll get a punch’ everytime we went out together, she’s always take care of me while my siater busy with her own world .

me and my sister know pretty well about her family . she has 1 sister and 1 brother . she’s the younger same like me (again) . me and my sisy is also close enough with Tammy’s sister . she’s kinda funny person . they both is very very kind person. i always laughing out loud everytime im around they three . sometime cicip annoy my sister, but a moment later its like nothing happened betwen them both. cicip is a mother from 1 cute female dog, and 5 cute-monster . Tammy has 1 grumpy cat .

if you ask me why i dedicate this post for her, i just saw my old pict and my old post , and in a few moment, we spent it together . from we have an amazing body until we have an ‘amazing‘ body like now hahaha . we’re celebrate for a christmas, have a short vacation, cooking together, and another moment i cant even remember .

a few photo while we’re together

from just hung out, have a cup of coffe, short escape bogor part 1, short escape bogor part 2, celebrate for christmas, my sister graduation, short escape bandung part 1, Tammy’s birthday lunch, they’re friends wedding and whatever i dont remember .

well yea, 10 years (almost, count ten year on next month, tho) is not short time . i just wanna say thank you for these long . for every moment we spent together . thanks for the time you can’t get back . thank you dor every precious moment .

wishing for a good things happend to you and your family. may God will blessed you always . always be healthy ! many prosper come to you either .

me and my sister love you so much 😘❤️😘❤️

Ps : we had plan to celebrate christmas together, so wait for it gengs ❤️


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