Things That Make Me Crazy : Got A Job and Back Jobless .

well, hella fella! long time no write here . like i have no idea what should i wrote . but yeah, i have several story to share to you all . As an opening, I write this sad-bad-sucks-happy story .

Well, after a long time enough as a jobless, finaly i got a job on July as a Property Consultant in one of Big Developer in Jakarta . this is my very first time work as it . so, after interview with manager, at that moment also sign for contract .

skipskip, then i met a lot of new friends there . i met with so many type of people . naughty, smart, annoying, shame, crazy, and even all in one . they are older than me, but im not the younger .

work as a property consultant isn’t easy things for me , i’ve to back up my customer, follow up everyday, make an appointment, attend for a exhibition, an office event . not a busy job, but kinda tired job .

after three months working there, i ‘must’ out from the company . so, yeah . then i jobless again now . i wont tell you why, because it hurt so much for me .

but i wanna let you know a few of my ‘everything’ while i work there :

Martin, Bang Rega, Dennie, Ahmad, Rere,Ayu

Bang Eno, when he become a Sales of the Month photo season

Prajawangsa City on Car Free Day with ma Alex ❤️Girls Squad ! Receptionist, Sales, Sales Superviser and Sales Administration Martin ❤️my percious, Koko Rendy ❤️ always laughing out loud everytime i saw this pict 🤣🤣make up by : shemale Mr. Heri on ICE BSDMr. Agung on ICE BSDMrs. Mimin my second mother ❤️Ayu and Dennielast picture of mine, before i decided to walk out.. Batchmate ❤️Uncle Tyo ang Ahmad ❤️Dennie ❤️ sometime i miss them so badly . wanna spend much time with them . but, yeah . its just like a plan without act .

but you know i loved you so much guys ! see you ontop ❤️


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