Love, Life, Laugh : Give up

Im on the point like I wanna give up with myself . like I wanna give up with all of my dream . give up on everything i fight for . This is already new year . but it’s still not new me . I still me from 2015 . with a same dream and a same situation . still jobless, still out of job, still can’t reach my own dream . it hurt me more than broke up with my BF, when again and again i got failed on the same step. sometime i think ‘should i give up with my dream? everything seems like i have no hope for it’ but i keep on try to not give up with my dream . But now, I did . a few times i’ve thought ‘should i looking for another dream? which is more realistic than being a FA?

its make me sad, every time i opened up instagram and looks my friends instastory . most of my friends is already being a FA . its made me so sad everytime i saw their stories . and always think of ‘God, i wish i were there..‘ or ‘God, when i get my turn?

Like now, im really really have no motivation to reach my dreams . i have a lot of doubts . even worse, maybe i should have changes my dream . but ya, i still have no idea what i wanna be .

you guys, what will you do if you have no motivation for whatever you want or whatever you already did ?


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