never getting tired to say HELLO!

again and agaian i say hello to my followers or everone who reads my blog. thankyou for visit my annoy-random-chaos-awkward blog :)

my old laptop was broken so i cant wrote anything on my wordpess. yeah, i know i could use my phone,but its always lagging, so i uninstaled wordpress from my phone. because i got a new laptop (no, no, this is my sister’s) maybe i’ll back and write something for you who have along time to kill,to read something not important on my blog.

it will be a books review because i do love to read and have a lots of books. movie review and songs review, also some story of my life too!

soo, i’ll start to review a book this night. stay tuned!

hi Fellas :)

holla guys :) how are u now? is good? or bad? or so so? hihih. if you ask me how, i dont really know what the answer is..

i’m back again to write about my daily activity, short trip or many things that i do.

if you ask me “where have you been for 6 months?” I will answer “for soo many times, which i dont count how much i forgot my password :’)” yea, i forgot my password. AGAIN :D

well, just wait for my next story. i’ve to back work.

on my next story, i’ll tell you guys about my job n my company. so see yaa!!

Happy birthday jiejie!

25 years ago, was born a beautifull girl. named Siska Anneke Putri Harris. she’s a cute she’s a whiny child. he slowly grew into a beautiful girl, *although whiny* today is her 25th birthday :) yeahh, she’s my eldersister. she’s pretty, kind, humble, sometime, she’s annoyed me. but i do love her so so so much. i’ll do everything to see her smile. hehehe.

today, at 12, me and 3 of my sister friends made a surprise party. we has been made this surprise just for D-2 her birthday. hahahahaha. yeah, just a ‘lil party. but it was success! hahahaha. she seems happy and, surprised :D

soo, happy birthday Jiejie! have a very wonderful birthday today and the day after tomorrow! hihi. hope that u’ll always happy, good in healthy, endless fortune. happiness, miracle may always follow you ya ce! wish all your dreams will come true soon. ah ya, wish you’ll meet ur soulmate, A.S.A.P! be a good daughter, a good sister, a good friend, and a good future wifey! hahahaha.


strowberry's Cheescake! jiejie birthday cake! haha


from left to right, mom-jiejie-me


jiejie and her best friend, Tammy :)


from left to right: Edu-jiejie,Hendy, Tammy

Book Review: Love Command: Second Chance


sequel of Love Command: the First Fall

already finished about 4 days ago. just, i dont have any time to review this book. but already done! ;) just enjoy ur time to read this :);)

from the begin, Shilla knows that her relationship with Ryo, won’t be easy. contention for the sake of ongoing contention. but that’s not the problem. Shilla realized that his status with Ryo a very noticeable difference and would be a problem. in other side, there’s someone who stay in her heart, Arya–Ryo’s brother– back from Paris, and makes her feeling back to him. But in the middle of vacillation, Shilla still have to face another surprise. Reveal a big secret that older than herself. Flashback that tells the story of her mom, Ayi, and Luzardi’s family. The fact that will soon overturns her life. Also her heart..

a Sequel book from Love Command: the First Fall, that has been review on last post. story about Shilla and her boyfrie Ryo and his brother Arya. Shilla who tried to cover up his relationship with Ryo finally known. Bianca first know, don’t stay silent. She devised a plan to makes Shilla shame, and Ryo left him. who would have thought, Ryo make a back plan for revenge on Bianca?

until someday, Arya back home from Paris. it’s very surprising Ryo and Shilla. who made her feelings mess. feeling that had gone back again along with the return of Arya from Paris. finally, the relationship between Shilla and Ryo stretchable.Shilla decided not to meet with the two brothers.

unexpexted moment, when Bianca approached Shilla and said some things that make Shilla stunned. she is happy, finally bianca can be kind to her, though a bit arrogant. didn’t stop there, finally Shilla met with Romi. and Céleste confided that she was buried so far. about her mother, Romi and Romi’s husband. and Shilla also finally know who it’s Ayi. while being indecisive, Shilla meet  Arya. and he lays out a theory of tea. of the theory was eventually helped Shilla choose and do what it should. And you know what? Shilla turns is heir to 1/4 of Luzradi Groups. and violla, instantly Ashilla be rich. until when Ryo get a letter and chocolate ..

I don’t like how the ending goes. it makes me very curious. but i expect that sender of Ryo’s latter is from Mai, a girl from his past. yeah like, Shilla knows who is Ayi, and Ryo *may be* finally met Mai again. but overall, i prefer a book one than this. storyline that makes dizziness. because the plot forward and backward. then there are some parts I less understand. but the part I liked most is the current section describes the Arya’s Tea theory.

I cant wait for the 3rd book. i want to know how the ending going. ahahahaha. based on the writer say, that she want to make the 3rd book, or last book. before, she’s has been write this story as a fanfic. but, shes choose to write a book and sell it. yeah. just wait! and see on my next review :) have a good day!

rate: 7.5/10

Books Review: Love Command: the First Fall

hollaaa! This is my second time i review a book. heheheh. This proves that I really like to read. because I could finish two novels in one day :) Actually, I’ve finished the novel since 3 days ago. it’s just that, I don’t know where to begin review :D


great Novel!

so here, Love Command: the First Fall

Because of testament of her mother, and brooches from Ayi -boy from her chilhood memories- bring Asilla to Jakarta, where her life changed. who have thought that she’s stranded in a luxury residence with a wealthy family, and ended up working there? Her day more colorfull, cause Luzardi’s brother, Arya: handsome, kind and always there for her. Ryo: arrogant and arbitrarily. Get fight with bianca ‘Queen bi’ who always condiders Shilla as a thoughtes rivald in gaining Ryo attention. When Shilla realized that her brooches was similliar with luzardi’s family sign, Shilla sure, that her ‘Ayi’ is being there. But who, among the brother are Ayi? and now, in a middle of her quest, Shilla instead faced with uncertain feelings on both ..

novels by Janice Nathania was a great novels for me. i like the way she told about everything, eventough, this is a typical story. like something that only happens on story or on fairy tail. like a beautiful-poor-girl, met with a handsome-and-rich-boy, then fell in love. it’soooo indonesian love story.

In some parts of the story there being inelegant . I think Ryo is too rich if it isn’t in a story. And when Ryo emptying Dufan only for Shilla whose sad because Arya, a man that she’s in love with is go to Paris. its nonsense for me.Why? Cos Dufan was one of the largest playground in Jakarta . How to vacate the place of public entertainment ? but Shilla refuse, Shilla agreed to go along, as long as Dufan it’s not clear. after that, shilla fell in love with Ryo since they’re went to Dufan. Shilla thinks that Ryo could changed her love to Arya. but decided to being Ryo’s girlfriend isn’t easy for Shilla. she’s must be get fight with Bianca ‘Queen Bi’ who loved and addicted with Ryo so badly. Nobody dare against Her , because Bianca very evil and sadistic . she will do about anything to all her will. but not with Shilla. she felt need to defend her rights, not because she liked Ryo. At school also, Shilla should keep her identity as a maid in Ryo’s house. fortunately Shilla have 2 friends that she could trust. Ifa and Devta. Shilla told Devta about her identy couse Devta have been see her in sociality party at Ryo’s house.

The trouble comes when Arya back from Paris. Ryo worried. he worried about his girl, shilla. how if her feeling back to Arya? Ryo cant even thinking about it. Ryo too loved Shilla and he wont be loosing her.

such as a good story and i love the way writer tells the reader about every detil :) and i can imagine that Shilla was a beautiful girl and Ryo n Arya was a handsome guy. and you know what, after im finished this novel could i as lucky as her? ‘ *even i know that i’m very lucky to have a good man in my life* but, come on! i know that u’ll thinking the same with me :D

although the end of the story doesn’t hang, but there are some things that have not been resolved. for example, who Ayi? boy of Shilla’s past? how past her parents? what the connect between her parents with Ryo’s mother, Mrs. Romi?

just read that novel if you want to know =D

scale: 8/10

Happy 1st anniversary, Babe!



already a year we became a lovers. which was only stranger and you are the most annoying guy for me,instead become an important person in my life :D :p . And you, fill my days with beautiful colors..

The first time I know you, you are very annoying and pissing me off! makes me mad, then disappeared! but to be honest, it makes me miss you :) i know him from Twitter. @HitmanSystem ‘s community, #InsomniaLover. hahaha, he’s really really strangers. i dont even know his name, where’s he lived, how old is he or anything else. one thing i know that, he’s a good guy. until finally, we exchange our phone number and communication via whatsapp. hihi from there i knew that he’s really nice and really sweet guy! aaaaaaaa! we’re became a lover without express feeling each other. the things that we only knew that, we love each others and i know that he right for me :)

now, one year! hehehe isn’t a short time, rite? we almost never fight for something serious. we know how to control our ego. he’s the one who know how to make me happy, things which make my mood good. he’s fillup my day with beautiful color, make my day more brighter :)

thanks sweety for these 1 year, 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 Days, 8760 Hours, 525600 minutes and 31536000 seconds you gave to me. thanks for always there for me. thanks for always understand me. thanks for accepted me for who i am, and loving imperfect me perfectly :):* im glad to have you as my boyfriend :) . hope that you feel the same like me, babe :* hope that we’ll always together until we grow old :’) i love you so much Ibnu Ardisoma Elly :*
*please, always love me, take care of me, and support me to reach my dream and our dream :) promise that u’ll never leave me, in any condition :( i do love you, and i hope, i could always love you till the End* hihihi :*:*













everyday I loved you, everytime, every second im thinking about you.. thanks for loving me, babe :): * i hope that u’ll never make me sad, mad or disappointed. im sorry for the moment that i made u mad, made u disappointed. and even you ever made me cry, made me disappoint, made me hurt or what, i still love you,and never changes because i want you’ll be my last for me.. :) once again, happy 1 anniversary sweety! love you much much more than anything!! :* :)

from ur ‘lil Godzie, ur Cute piggie, and the one you love,

Shyntia Teresa Putri :* :)


Tere’s Playlist: the Man who Can’t be Moved

Going back to the corner where I
first saw you
Gonna camp in my sleeping bag I’m not gonna move
Got some words on cardboard, got your picture in my hand
Saying, “If you see this girl can you
tell her where I am?”

Some try to hand me money, they don’t understand
I’m not broke – I’m just a broken- hearted man
I know it makes no sense but what else can I do?
How can I move on when I’m still in love with you?

‘Cause if one day you wake up and
find that you’re missing me
And your heart starts to wonder
where on this earth I could be
Thinking maybe you’ll come back
here to the place that we’d meet
And you’ll see me waiting for you on the corner of the street
So I’m not moving, I’m not moving

Policeman says, “Son, you can’t stay here.”
I said, “There’s someone I’m waiting for if it’s a day, a month, a year.
Gotta stand my ground even if it
rains or snows.
If she changes her mind this is the first place she will go.”


So I’m not moving, I’m not moving,
I’m not moving, I’m not moving

People talk about the guy that’s
waiting on a girl, oh ohh
There are no holes in his shoes but a big hole in his world, hmm
And maybe I’ll get famous as the
man who can’t be moved
Maybe you won’t mean to but you’ll see me on the news
And you’ll come running to the
‘Cause you’ll know it’s just for you

I’m the man who can’t be moved
I’m the man who can’t be moved

[Chorus x2]

Going back to the corner where I
first saw you
Gonna camp in my sleeping bag, I’m not gonna move

Song by The Script. I dont know why, but im fell in Love since first time i heard this song. then i tried search the lyrics. uh, so.. sweet. ahaha, i think that only girls who hard to moving on, but the man too. hahaha. This song is one of my favorite song in which there are on my mp3 playlist . im not on move on process or still in love eith my ex. I just like this song :D