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Precious Things in My Life : My Best Friend, Novitta .Β 


And I never thought I’d feel this way
And as far as I’m concerned
I’m glad I got the chance to say
That I do believe, I love you

And if I should ever go away
Well, then close your eyes and try
To feel the way we do today
And then if you can remember

Keep smiling, keep shining
Knowing you can always count on me, for sure
That’s what friends are for
For good times and bad times
I’ll be on your side forever more
That’s what friends are for

Well, you came in loving me
And now there’s so much more I see
And so by the way
I thank you

Oh and then for the times when we’re apart
Well, then close your eyes and know
The words are coming from my heart
And then if you can remember

Keep smiling and keep shining
Knowing you can always count on me, for sure
That’s what friends are for
In good times and bad times
I’ll be on your side forever more
That’s what friends are for

Keep smiling, keep shining
Knowing you can always count on me, for sure
That’s what friends are for
For good times and bad times
I’ll be on your side forever more
That’s what friends are for

Keep smiling, keep shining
Knowing you can always count on me, for sure
‘Cause I tell you, that’s what friends are for
Whoa, good times and the bad times
I’ll be on your side forever more
That’s what friends are for

hello ! i dedicated this post for my best friend, Novitta . hope you read it πŸ™‚

some people ask me, why best friend is more valuable than your boyfriend ? Because i know that she will not leave me for whatever reason is . beacuse you cant tell your boyfriend whenever you fight with them, right ?

on my older post, i always say that i might have many friends, but i never say that i have a best friend . and yea, i never got one until i met her .

first time i met her when i was on my last job . she’s my working partner . i dont even know who she is, the name, where she lived, or whatever . until second day we worked together . i know her name, where she lived, the age and everything . she’s the best partner i ever had . she always know how to handle my mood , she know what i like and dislike, she know how to get my ‘favorite’ either food, salon, drugstore, and whatever . she always make me ‘be my self’ everytime we together . until all of our friends said that we’re like a ‘childhood friends’ like we know each others for a long time . but believe me, we just met, and just click .

We almost going to anywhere together, To the mall, cinema, dentist, street food, she accompanied me to learn to drive. there’s so much ups and downs between us . GOT BOYFRIEND – BROKE UP – TRIED TO MOVE ON – GOT BOYFRIEND – BROKE UP AGAIN – MOVE ON AGAIN . sharing tears and laugh together . work together, resign together then jobless together πŸ˜‚

but the most of all, i just wanna say thank you for always be here for me . for accepted me for whoever i am . for all the time you cant take back . for every single time you listend my stupid story until you so sick to hear about it haha . thanks for always take care of me . for always remind me everytime i did something bad or wrong .

did all the idiotic things , the silly things with you . im glad that i have you on my life . always be the one who want to go with me with no directions . the one who always say ‘yes’ for everything i want . the one who ask her ‘date’ do drive her home because i ask her to bring me some food when i was sick . for Godness sake , she’s the one who did this to me . the one who brought me breakfast .

for every little things, i just wanna say thank you again with all of my heart . i wish that our friendship will be everlasting until our hair turn into gray and wish we never fight. be happy for whatever you have now . I hope you and your lover lasting until marriage *AMEN* A.S.A.P get the job and all of your wishes will come true soon ya! be happy , always . if someone hurt you, let me know ! including your boyfriend ! hahaha .

you know thet i love you, right ? ❀️




Halo ! aku mendedikasikan post ini untuk sahabatku, Novitta . semoga kamu membacanya ya !

beberapa orang bertanya “kenapa sahabat itu lebih berhaga dibanding pacar kamu ?” soalnya aku yakin kalo dia gak bakal ninggalin aku apapun alesan nya, dan kalian ngga mungkin cerita sama pacar kalian kan saat kalian lagi berantem?

di post ku yang sebelum-sebelumnya aku selalu bilang kalau aku mempunyai banyak teman, tapi aku ga pernah bilang aku punyaa sahabat. dan ya, aku gak pernah punya sampe akhirya aku ketemu dia .

pertama kali ketemu dia itu pas kerja terakhir. dia rekan kerja aku . saat itu aku bahkan gatau siapa dia . namanya, dia tinggal dimana, apapun deh . sampe akhirnya hari kedua kerj aku baru tau namanya, umurnya, dll deh . dia adalah partner kerja terbaik yang pernah aku punya . dia tau bagaimana untuk mentesukian mood ku, dia tau apa yang aku suka dan engga . dia tau dimana harus mencari ‘kesukaanku’ entah makanan, salon, apotek, segala macem nya . dia selalu membuatku menjadi ‘diri sendiri‘ setiap kali kita bersama . sampe temen2 kita pada bilang kalo kita itu kayak temen kecil . kayak udh kenal lama . tapi percaya deh . kita baru aja ketemu dan, ‘click

kita hampir selalu berdua kemana mana . mall, bioskop, dokter gigi, jajan pinggir jalan, dia nemenin aku belajar nyetir . dia nyatokin rambut aku pas kita kerja . yang selalu malamin siapa aja yang baru gajian di mall . yang nangis ketawa bareng . yang nemenin aku belajar nyetir sampe ‘agak‘ lancar haha . banyak suka duka yang kita lewatin sama sama . PUNYA PACAR – PUTUS – MOVE ON – PUNYA PACAR LAGI – PUTUS LAGI – MOVE ON LAGI kita masih tetep sama sama. seneng seduh ya kita lewatin berdua . kerja bareng . resign bareng . jadi pengangguran bareng juga πŸ˜‚

tapi lebih dari itu semua, aku cuma mau bilang makasih karena selalu ada untukku, karena sudah menerima aku apa adanya, untuk semua waktu yang gabisa kamu ambil lagi, untuk setiap kamu dengerin curhatan aku yang bego dan malu maluin . yang dari biasa aja sampe eneg denger curhatan jtu . yang gapernag bosen ngasih saran yang sama ya karna curhat nya itu itu lagi hahaha . terima kasih sudah menjaga akuu. untuk selalu ngingetin aku ketika aku melakukan sesuatu yang buruk atau salah. 

melakukan semua hal bego sama sama. satu hal, AKU BERUNTUNG PUNYA KAMU DIDALAM HIDUP AKU . selalu jadi satu satunya orang yang mau diajak ngalur ngidul sama aku . selalu jadi satu2 nya orang yang mau nurutin BM nya aku . satu2 nya orang yang minta pulang cepet pas lagi kencan gegara aku chat minta bawain makanan pas lagi sakit. demi Tuhan , dia satu2 nya orang yang mau ngelakuin kek gitu hahahah . satu2 nya orang yang mau bawain aku sarapan nasi uduk pas kita masih kerja bareng . 

untuk semua hal. aku cuma mau bilang terima kasih banyak dari lubuk hati aku. aku berharap persahabatan kita langgen sampe kita tua dan semoga kita gapernah berantem . bahagia dengan apapun yang kamu punya sekarang ya . aku harap kamu langgeng sama pacar kamu, sampe nikah kalo bisa . *AMIN* secepatnya dapet kerja . dan semoga semua harapan kamu terkabul juga segera . bahagia SELALU . kalo ada yang nyakitin kamu, termasuk pacar kamu itu ya! 

kamu tau kan aku sayang kamu ? 

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Things That Make Me Crazy : Jobless Part 2Β 

hi my followers ! how are you ? i hope that yall fine 😊 

so here I go . honestly, still being a jobless is bad . its hurt . and for sure, i dissapointed with my self . you know, how it’s hurt when you opened up your social media, And then you see the latest status of your friends about how their college, about their day, about their day at work, about their job deadline about their promotion . God , it painful for me . like ‘God, i wanna be there too.. 😦

maybe for some of you think that im too much . but you know get a job isn’t that easy, is it ? your minimal education must be a diploma or bachelor degree . then for high school lastest education , there’s almost no good job for us . 

almost everyday before i sleep, middle of my daydreaming , before go to bed, i always thinking about ‘how if me already be a flight attendant? i might be somewhere now . jet lag, in another city or even country , away from my family. safe my salary . open a coffe shop or something . go around the world, make my parents proud of me. shut the fucking mouth up of people who hated me . show the world that i can be what i want to be . i want to show them who talked bad about me that i can be more than you think . i could buy your fu*kin mouth bitch ! i want to changes my self to be better’ 

it’s must be a great time . when you get tired  for something you want so bad for a long time . when you finaly get what you want . when you finaly be there, somewhere which you just dreaming about . God, i really want it . i made it perfect, on my dream . i really want to make it happen . God, please show me the way to do that . 

yeah, just a bit story about my messy life πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i want to share about my future on my next post . 

have a great weekend fellas ❀️❀️

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Things That Make Me Crazy : MissingΒ 


I really miss working again here. I miss a lot of things here. I miss having to get up early to go to work. I miss open and close shop. I miss the feeling of pounding through the loading dock every time it comes to the mall. I miss having to janitor every morning. I miss having lunch with friends at the store. i miss the co-worker there . miss to look around for lunch . i miss our ‘tea time’ and i miss to ruined my friend diet . hahahaha . 

i’ve through many things happened there . the ups and downs . happy, sad, angry, missing, disappointed, shame, all the feelings ! work here, make me had a lots of friends . start from a tenant, cleaning service, gondola man, security even engineering and valet man hahahahaha. from the youngest until the oldest . i love all of them . they’re really lovely. help me much . and i know they will always be ‘here’ everytime i need em . in a middle of work, i always make a time to talk with them . and sometime when coffe break time, they came to my store just to have a lunch together and hart to heart story . 

when im on my day dreaming, i suddenly remember something that make me missing again . like when i looking for a lunch, the gondola man call my name from the lobby plafone . and just wave their hand just to say hello and happy lunchy . hahaha . and i remembered, every single day i went to work, ive to walk through to loading dock , and it always ‘windy’ and of course make my hair ‘messy’ so i’ve to ‘hair do’ when i arrived on my store . and after hair do, we always took a selfie and have a random convo .  after all ready, we went to market to buy some breakfast, like milk and bread . or mineral water for lunch . 

and anyway, i always miss the moment everytime i got bored, stressed out, bad mood or something, i always went to park lot level 5, have a talk with whoever there. and if i think that im ready, i went back to my store . listen the same song every single day until i remeber all the song list . and got freezing everyday . looking for signal just to whatsapp or short messages . acommpanied my friend smoking at parking lot to warm our body . make friends with another tenant . everything πŸ˜”

maybe, i always have a reason to ‘back’ again there . even im no longer work there anymore, i always had a reason to back again there . meet people i know . or just ask ‘how r u?’ doing nothing on parking lot . met my friends . have fun . on the first week after we quit the job, almost everyday we went there just have a random convo from middle of day until closing time . like we’re not ready to quit the job now . hahahaha . 

if i had a chache to ‘repeat’ all this ove again once more, i’d love to do that again . be there again . with them again . have a luch and dinner togerher . out teatime . our heart to heart sesion, EVERYTHING!! i always love when afternoon comes up . i dont know why, but i always love the afternoon at the mall . i still going there sometime, meet my friends and whoever . but it little difference now . lots of my friend had resign and looking forsomething better . so yeah, i dont feel the sampe but it helps me to fade my missing . 

and this song, dedicated for who still at bassura city who know me so well . for all my friend i loved . i miss you guys ! enjoy kangen, from dewa 19 . 

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Music : Mocca on Stage!Β 

yesterday, my cousin ask me went to Plaza Indonesi to watched his favorite indie band, mocca . without doubt, i say yes . so we went out at 3.30pm, and event started at 7pm . we arrived too early . its about 5pm . so we have to waiting for 2 hours . 

things annoy me the most was, when we asked security where the venue, they always answer on different level . on level 2, on level 4, on level 5 . so we have to go around the mall like an idiot . until we asked a committee where the event held, then she told us to level 5 in the atrium . so, there we are! 

it started ad 7.30pm (supposed to 7pm) anyway mocca perform to celebrated Plaza Indonesia’s 27th anniversary . i think that the fans will not much to came but my guess is wrong πŸ˜† there is pretty much fans of mocca . i love the way they sing a long with mocca . i love the enthusiastic , i love the power and all the positive things around them . 

she’s the vocalis, and her voice just, AWESOME!

to be honest, i dont know much about their song . i just know just one or two songs . mocca is in jazz genre if im not wrong πŸ˜… i love all the song they’re played . even if i didn’t like them as my cousin but i really enjoyed the music they played . I like the professionals of the vocalist. even though her voice hoarse because before she sang in java jazz, she was still able to sing 10 songs with incredible. he still can make her fans happy with her performence . 

performence finished at 8.30pm . ny cousin was so happy after it . he feel sorry for me because i just sit  and watch them back . after waited for 15 minutes, my cousin ask me to meet  them, just in case theres a photo shoot and, yesss! my cousin was so happy and here the pict 

this is me, took selfie with her
my cousin with the vocalist

before, he ask me that if i want to took a pict with her or not, i said no because i dont really like her, but after i took a pict of my cousin i thought that, its fine if i took a selfie with her . and she is so humble . very kind singer! maybe i’ll start to like her and her music 😊

we back home at 9.00 pm ans arrived safely at 9.30pm . that was an amazing day for me and my cousin . 

see ya on my next stage ! ❀

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Thought : People

we cant control our life by our self . we can’t pick who can stay with us and no . cant choose the one we love whole time . cant deny anyone who could hurt us the most .

i am an introvert . i didn’t have many close friends . i know how to make friends, but i wont to be closer with them . i hate crowded place which is a lot of people . im not scare to meet new people, just feel uncomfortable .

when i was on my school live, elementary school, junior until senior high school i always have some ‘close’ friend . spend my whole time with them . before class start, break time, after school time, hang out , chit chat , heart to heart talk and other gurl things . since I was in grade school I already have a lot of male friends. I feel comfortable playing alongside men . they’re no backstabing you, no two faced, no talk behind your back .

when i was in JHS, i met a girl who became my friend since we’re in until graduate . on my 9th grade, i made friend with a girl and we’re became a best friend . so me and my 2 girl, we’re in a same class . we’re did homework together, make a trip, photoshooting . and you know what, we love the same guy . hahaha it so classy you know? but its true . we compete fairly . even in the end, none of us can be with him πŸ˜‚ . the graduate time has come . we’re three test in same high school , and we passed the test! im so happy that i can go to the same school with my girl . then my mom forbid me, she deny me to be there . it so sad for me . crying 2 days non stop . i really want to be there with my best friend . and finaly, i lost my best friend . they have a new friend , they have a new gengs. and i? i’ve got nothing . this is the first time i really hurt by losing someone in my life .

and when i was on high school i didn’t have a good friend either . especially on my 11th grade . I’m in the isolate, they used me for english class, and im meant nothing for them . they never talk to me except they need me . they never ask me to go to caffetaria, they let me sit with down syndrome student who have epilepsy at any time can recurrent . Β I swear I never do anything against those who are bullying me . idky why they can do that to me πŸ˜”6hours in class feels like a hundred years .

this is them, my friend from elementary school until senior high school :

but now, i have some close friends like i’ve shared on my preview post (click here) i really close with them . laughing together, share food , made a joke , anything ! i never think that they’ll leave me like other people before in my life . i belive them . and for this time, i wont loosing them . why? because they make me extrovert , make me be myself , forgot my traumatic .

my bf said that i should’ve a space with them . they can go wherever they want . i said that , i love to have them but i used to be alone . never fear to be alone . people will come and go in their way . new friend, college, work, new friend or even die . they’re my friends , my best friends . but im not own them .they’re free to go out . they free to stay .

not only friend who can left you behind . even family can leave you when you broke . when you have nothing to gave them . when they’re think that your family just annoy them . when they only see you when you have lots if money . when they can used you . if you have nothing, then you are mean nothing . see ya byebye !

for me, is better we forget than have forgotten . never hate people who left you . they have a reason for it . maybe their life is better without you or your life was better without them . or God will give you the best person on your life . it is their choice whether to stay or go out of your life. not your concern about their options. live your own life. You will not die even though they decided to go away from your life 😊

better you forgive them than hate them . you waste your time for hating someone who never thinking about you even a second . like i said, people will come an go in theyre own way . prepare yourself 😊

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Ele is in da house yo! 

what you think is right, isn’t always right , either mine. what i thing its right, not always right . it is about prespective, point of view about something or about someone . 

me and my bf just discuss an article about (what should i named it? omfg) story about a girl, who undergoing a long distance relationship, one day, some other guy proposed the girl she say yes then she choose to broke up with her-long-distance-relatioship-boyfrie then married with the ‘new man’ . 

cant blame the boy either the girl . she said that she really want a young marriage . i think that she already asked her boyfrie to marry her, but in many conditions, he cant for now (CAN’T not WON’T, look the different!) and when someone ask her to married (fyi, the boys is a son of chairman of the Indonesia’s people’s consultative assembly) with no doubt she say yes . on my second possibility, maybe her parents ask her to marry now, before she getting older, and give them grandchild before they’re pass away (?) 

my boy said that she marry the man bcs he’s a rich man, has a lot of money . he think that if she not love him, why she want to be his wife? love can came anytime . you no need love your man or girl if you want to marry them, as long as they had money . ma boy think “why she had to sacrifice her feelings and her lover for the sake of others who are just she know?” 

i said if we don’t know the reason, a lot of possibilities that could happen. maybe it does look like self-defense, but maybe that’s true. 

I read the article from a forum on the internet, and when I read the comments, all blamed the woman for leaving his girlfriend for granted. but actually, we dont know right how the conditions be like . 

i try to think and see everything from positive side . and for everything happens to me, i think it positively . negative thinking make your life negative too . bad mood every time, easy to get angry and other negative things! 

so, this is maybe (and absolutely) non of my bussiness and neither you all, but try not to blame anyone from one side, dont judge people or whatever from one side . you’re free to give your opinion, bit not to ket other people down 😊

Have a good day guys πŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ‘‹πŸΌ

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Thing That Make Me Crazy : daily talk ‘Car’Β 

got sick talked about car in my home . omfg , my head going to blown everytime my family member start conversation about car . i know that i should happy, i am , really i am, i do . but if everytime you talk about it, i bet it’ll change your mood instanly . 

my dad got a car by my uncle. i think that i was an operational car because my dad has just moved workplace . but about a week ago, i met my uncle and he said that that car was not an operational car, that was a private car . at first, my father deny the car, because he think he’s to old to driving a car (he’s 64 Yo and still working!!) and he didnt have a license . actually he has, but it already expired a long time ago . he’s prefers to pay someone for drop off and pick him up everyday than he should drive. but honesty, he really want a new motorcycle than a car . 

my dad is really really “well prepared” people . before he’s agree to took these car , he’s already think about all . about the gasoline, sparepart, a tax a traffic jam and anything else which i dunno what was that . he knew that if we got the car, me and my sister would ask him to going to vacation, culinary tour , going to grandma’s , or something that can add month expenses πŸ˜‚ but come on! you have a car bro! r u sure u just park it in your garage? better to use it for something could make you happy right ? after working all weekdays, late home, deadline, traffic jam, you need to vacation, going to somewhere , back to nature, eat some food you really like . refreshing even just a day .

my dad ask me and my sister to look for a driving school . my uncle was told my dad that he’s not allowed for searching a driver . he prefer money for pay a driver is for me to driving school until i get my license than he should pay someone every month . so im searching for a driving school around my home . but its hard to find . then my sister’s ex tell her that there one driving school around my home . and yesterday we went there . ask for price and terms and condition if i wanna join there . and it so expensive πŸ˜‚ it cost around US$41.17(IDR550.000) / person (exclude the license, if it included, you have to add IDR 700.000 or US$ 52.40 so you have to pay around US$93.60 or IDR1.250.000/person) and it only take 6 days and one hour per day . sound crazy right? 

he say that i dont have to go to driving school. money for driving school he used to make a license for himself . and he said that maybe he’ll teach me by him self . 

im so sick about all these πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚