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2 days ago, me and my sister went to my aunty’s house to help her prepare for gathering with her neighbour . gathering started at 4.00pm and finished around 6.00pm . and after it finished, we clean the room, then we have a talk in living room . A few minutes after, my cousins left us for buy something so i’ve to wait . 

we’re still in living room. me, my sister, Ariv , my sister in law and aunty . then, i heard a Happy Birthday song. and taa daa, my cousins back with birthday cake and “22” candles . 

i think that this surprise was for arif, because beside us, the nearest birthday was him (the day after surprise and yesterday from now) so i join them sang a happy birthday for him . you know what, that surprised was for me too . 

so, before blowing the candle i make i wish before . just one wish . and i hope it could come true . amin . 

here the video, but it using bahasa i still hope that you enjoy the video : 

Fyi, my birthday actually on this sunday, but i got surprised a week before πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so i wanna say thank you for my aunty, all my causins, my sister and my sister in law . im happy for the surprise , i love the cake either . can i have my present? 😝😝


Foodview : Richeese Factory – Fire Chicken Level 4 & 5

today, me and my cousin went to Richeese Factory at Bekasi . 

we both really curious with food they’re selling . they selling friend chicken with different section . the most famous was fried chicken with spicy level. start from level 0 (just fried chicken without spicy spice) until level 5 (xtra hot) . and menus is varian, chicken fire , double chicken fire, fire wings ect . 

many people make “Richeese challenge level 5″ and thats why we both very curious about that chicken and decide to buy them! 

so, i choose fire chicken level 4, and my cousin double fire chicken level 5 

so this the pict 

hot hot hot!!
this is amazing πŸ˜‚

and the story begin : 

after we got our dishes, we just look at it and ask our self like”are you sure to ate all this? smell so spicy” and at the first bite i feel like “SHIT SHIT SHIT!! this is so spicy! i cant handle this” 

but finaly, we ate em all 😁

this is so spicy for godness sake! so spicy and make my stomach and my lips feels so hot . 

but above all the chiken was good and delicioso . the spiciness only in their course, not up to the meat.
Although the crispy skin was coated with spicy sauce, but it was still crispy and tasty. the meat so taaty and juicy . i love them the most . 

even the spiciness is make me stomachache, i’ll try level 5 soon . so, here bonus videos after we ate them all . and thank you for read my annoying review, have a nice day! 

after all 8/10


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Things That Make Me Crazy : part one

I already jobless for 4 months if i not wrong . and this is really drive me crazy . just at home, doing nothing. eat, running, sleep, hang out with my friend -repeat all day . and it make me boring .

if you ask me “why dont you looking for a new job?” i do. i swear i do . apply my cv ect to all the companies i know . but yeah, still no result . last company i sent was transmart, applied as a receptionist . 

3 weeks ago, i got a call from transmart for psychotest at 8am tomorrow morning . and one thing you should know that, transmart is far far away from my home . i dont know how to get there, until i tell my sister that i have to psycotest tomorrow morning at Lebak Bulus, and she said that she’ll go with me. went at 6.15a, and it sooo far and traffic jam anywhere . just arrived at transmart around 08.40am . i think ill be late , in fact psychotest start 5 minutes after me arrived . Haleluyah! 

psycho started at 10.00am. By that time there were 11 other people with me, but they’re applied different section with me. 

for me who didn’t ready at all for psychotest, it was so difficult. i really bad in math, and almost the question about math . wanna die young! and fyi, that day, i didnt ate for breakfast, either milk or bread or even rice. im very hungry, it made me less concetrated with the question . 

when i did my last part, some other girl call my name, and told me that my interview schedule at 2pm after lunch . i said ok . psychotest finished at 12pm . im very very hungry! then i went to mall and waiting for my sister come . then i tell my sister friends whos working there that i already finished my psycotest and im going to die . then she bought me ketoprak for lunch while waiting for my sister back . 

after lunch, im waiting for almost 4 hours for interview with user. all my friends who psychotest with me already back home, and i still waited for interview . im so bored, hungry, bad mood, all negative things around me . and finaly i met the interviewer at 4pm. after waiting for 4 hours, i didn’t get the result that i could join them or not . 

and yeah, after 3 weeks i still haven’t a good news from transmart. pessimistict will be accepted. 


but i still hope the best 🀞🏻🀞🏻

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well, i wanna share something about my sucks life . 

last year, i was looking for job vacancy, cause at home and doing nothing is bored . then i looking for a job near my home homesty i dont know much about Jakarta, so i dont looking far from my home . Until i opened my chruch website, and there’s a job opportunity at a mall near my house, then i sent cv etc via email, i got a repply 2 days ago and made a schedule for interview in the end of the month . 

*skip skip skip* 

i start worked on 13 June 2016, 3 days after ied mubbarak . my partner was a girl, younger than me who i think she isn’t nice to me, her name is novitta bua i usually call her Opi . she’s 2 years younger than me . and she lived near me and near my “ex-boss” home .

then after working together, i know that she was insane, she was fool and crazy at the same time . as crazy as me . and finaly we’re best friend . spending much time together, know each others, make friends with another tenant until ……… 

after 3 months almost 4 work there without contract and targets,   finaly my “ex boss” made a contract with a target. she gave me some information about my “to-do list” and when i read that contract, its surprised me a lot . and we only have 1 day to decide stay or leave . we ask our “close friend” we dont tell anyone that we choose to leave. 

to be honest, i really enjoy work there, have a good friends, work near from home, have own “security” hahahaha i never have problem during i work there, but yeah, i choose to out than stay . 

well, i want you all to meet my friends, family, partner-in-crime, and my everything! 

i dont took pict with a few people, they’re always deny if i ask them to take a pict with me . 

even if im not working there anymore, i still ofter going there with opi, to met them. im glad to have them as myfriend. they made my 3 almost 4 month colorful, cheerful, less tears and awesome . 

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What do you think?

when I was in the shower this afternoon, I suddenly got an idea to make a short story. i wanna make a story about my dream, being a flight attendant. i know how the story will be, but i dont know how to make it as a good story.

I really in love to read a good book, with a good author. when I read those books, I always thing, I wanna belike one of them soon.

I tried to writing since I was in junior high school. but, yeah, I can start it, but I cant finish it. like now, I have an idea, but I dont know how to make it a story. i know how to start it, but it always stop in the middle. blank! i know theending, but i dont knowhow to fill the middle -____- and honesty, thats really really bother me.

can anyone please help me, how to be a good author? how to be a good amateur writers?

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Jakarta, February 19th 2016

Today is my birthday,my first page of 366 days. i used to be happy because this is my special day.. Must be my special day because im turning 21st years old, some people say that this is the start of maturyty, welcome on legal age which you can drunk, watch blue film, or getting marriage .

I should be happy, cause almost all my friend say happy birthday to me, say their wish for me, pray for me and wish all the best for me. all i say just thankyou for filling my birthday. thankyou for the wishes. I hope all the good things would be turn to you all:) Jesus Loves you all πŸ™‚

Honesty, my birthday almost never celebrated. I just celebrated my birthday when i was in kindergarten. last time i got surprise was last year, from my boyfriend and my good friends. last time i got birthday present was when im in 3rd class on SHS.

If someone asks me what do i want on my birthday, i would say, i just want to celebrate, i want some present, i want a midnight surprise or something. i wanna be special on my big day, which is never happened in my whole life. is it sad? yea, a little. i wanna be someone i love on my big day..

I dont know why im feels so disappointed in my birthday this time. like i’m missing something i dont know what, why or who. Crying because you sad on your birthday isn’t a good thing, is it? but i just wanna cry all the day to feels better..

But above all, I wanna say thankyou for my Lord Jesus Christ, because of His blessing, i could still alove, breathing, eating, praying ant say thanks for everything i have now. My wish just, i hope this year i could be a part of Garuda Indonesia Airlines as a Flight Attendant πŸ™‚ *ameeen!!!!!* besides, i wish i could always good in helathy, more prosper, have a tons of lucky, long life and have a chance to make my parents proud of me, of course.

And for all my friends and family who sent me alots of wishes and prayer, thankyou so much, all i can say is AMEN πŸ™‚


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Yesterday , when I was filling my spare time , I saw a bunch of girls were playing in the park in front of my house. incidentally front of my house is a public park for children’s play . there are about five girls who were chit chat while taking wefie.

frankly it made ​​me miss my high school friends . Wealso take a lots of pictures , talk together , hang out. went to McD, KFC or visit our friend’s home for watching some movie..Β 

now , neither me nor they had been busy with our respective activities . college, work , UAS , UTS , work deadlines , new friends . I am busy to pursue my ideals . honesty, i really want to see them, talk the way we used to be like when we are in high school.. but i think that, i won’t be as good as when we’re in high school..